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Let me introduce myself! My name is Astrid Tan. When I was 7 years old my mother sent me to take piano lessons. She had to drag me there every Thursday afternoon. I loved playing the things I liked, but I was lousy at doing my homework and my teacher wasn’t going to let me get away with it. In high school I sang in a cover band I set up with a few friends and it was then that I discovered the rush of performing on stage.

Ever since I learned my ABC’s I have loved writing stories, lyrics, poems and diaries. Even before I knew how to write I pretended I could by scribbling down interesting lines and curls in secret documents. After moving into my student home in Delft, I decided to skip going on a vacation so I could afford a piano. It was then that I started putting my words to music.

When I sang my own songs on stage for the first time I realised it was what I loved doing the most. After finishing my studies I took on a job as a nanny of two amazing kids. This would provide me the time and energy to work on my musical dream. To me that’s really what it’s all about: following your heart and chasing big dreams. Beause if you dare to dream big, something small and wonderful is bound to happen.

To me writing songs is a way of giving shape to my heart and mind. And with these songs I want to offer you something to project your own inner world on, or in other words: provide a home for your feelings and thoughts by sharing my own. It’s about your heart and mind melting together with mine into a shape which I hope can uplift, carry, comfort, move, refresh, inspire or invigorate you in some way.





May I present: Freefall in Love - April 20, 2018

Summer is coming!! Time to present: Freefall in Love ♥️ Somehow this song is so special to me. It’s about falling in love with a heart wide open. About being courageously vulnerable. Please help me spread some love by sharing this song with your friends, family & every one in for that summer feeling ^_^ And […]



01 NOV

Kadmium, Delft 21:15

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22 MRT

Solo concert Theaterhuis Amalia, Den Haag 20:30

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07 SEP

WOS Radio 20:00

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15 JUN

Radio 5 18:40

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